Bobby Foster is a messenger of hope. Through his writing he creates a space for his readers to reflect, contemplate, and ultimately create a world for themselves that’s fueled by love instead of fear.

Bobby wrote, “Catch Your Breath” so people could switch their frame of thinking and understand they have all the power to create the lives they want to live. Through a process of learning what’s blocking you from attaining love and removing those boundaries, you will learn how to lead a life of abundance— infinite joy, peace, and happiness.Bobby’s been in a position where he felt like he was stuck in a circle trying to get where he wanted to go, but couldn’t quite get there. This book shares the tools he used to finally manifest the life he wanted to live. He was hopeless, and broken and this book shows how he got to a place of healing and hope. He wrote this book in hopes that you would also find this kind of peace.

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  • Bobby Foster is an inspirational speaker and an accomplished spoken word poet. I’ve worked with him at various schools where he’s performed, taught slam poetry workshops, and encouraged aspiring poets of all ages. His message is always customized for the audience he’s engaging and he motivates participants easily. And his energy is contagious! Everyone leaves Bobby’s performances ready to write and live life to the fullest.

    -Laurie Uttich Professor at UCF

  • If you want to experience the power of change, the miracle of healing and the courage to live in partnership with pain, you must know Bobby Foster.
    As a person living with chronic illness and a terminal diagnosis, Bobby Foster, a year ago, went to war against the real-life terrorism of sickness mentality and dying daily as a way to live.
    As Bobby’s personal Life Coach, I began working with a scared young person with a weak will to live, who turned hope into ashes, dreams into doom and cremated himself before death could beat him to it to witnessing Bobby BECOME, The Messenger.

    Bobby Foster raised up from the walking dead and now works his pain for his power, lives to breathe inspiration in the dreams of others through his poetry, life coaches them to win the war over doom and speaks to spread his spirit, to all, as a Messenger of Hope.

    -Christina CooperFoster, Certified Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker