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Perserverence When You Want To Give Up

I know a lot about perseverance. Living with cystic fibrosis where every day seems like a struggle to get through because of my health, to grieving my father’s death when I was just 20 years old, I know a thing or 2 about struggle. So, my number one tip on how to persevere when you want to give up? Give up. That’s right. Give up. Surrender. The reason why we fight and feel as if we need to persevere is that we feel like the world is working against us, that only means we are trying to fight the world and the moment that’s in front of us instead of embracing it as if it were given to us. What...

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Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming is something that I have had to do my whole life. When you’re born with a chronic illness, it seems that fighting it is in your DNA. When a diagnosis is in your life, there’s always this lingering feeling that you need to beat it and become better. Since that was drill into my head since I was a child, I’ve come to look at everything as an obstacle. It’s how I get my motivation. Sometimes I even create challenges when they’re not there, just because I only know how to live life when there are obstacles in front of me. Turning anything into a challenge is something I’ve been working on getting over, and the irony in that...

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