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Perserverence When You Want To Give Up

I know a lot about perseverance. Living with cystic fibrosis where every day seems like a struggle to get through because of my health, to grieving my father’s death when I was just 20 years old, I know a thing or 2 about struggle. So, my number one tip on how to persevere when you want to give up? Give up. That’s right. Give up. Surrender. The reason why we fight and feel as if we need to persevere is that we feel like the world is working against us, that only means we are trying to fight the world and the moment that’s in front of us instead of embracing it as if it were given to us. What...

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Where To Find Happiness

There are a lot of blogs, books, articles, and conversations out there that talk about where to find happiness. There a few things that have become a cliche, like you can't find happiness outside yourself like you need to turn inside to find true happiness, but I believe what they mean has become skewed. When I first started my spiritual journey, I found many books that talked about these two different ideas. They seemed fascinating and revealed a lot at first. I mean it made perfect sense. How could anything outside of myself make me happy? Everything is bound to fade, so what would cause me happiness in one moment could be gone the next, there couldn't be permanent happiness...

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Re-Learning How to be Happy

Depression isn’t easy. Neither is being happy. Depression was one of the hardest things I had to go through. Not feeling motivated to do anything was terrible. What was even worse was all of the guilt, shame, and judgment that came with it. My depression made me miss crucial meetings; it made me slack off when I should’ve been trying harder, overall it just made me not want to go about my day and live my life. And because of that, I felt very guilty. I felt like I should’ve been able to get over it if I tried hard enough because it was all just in my head. When I would miss something because of it, I felt guilty...

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