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My Journey of Transcendence

Life isn't linear-- it's ever expanding. We think of life as going from A to B-- from rich to poor, from unknown to known, from sad to happy. I've learned that life is anything but linear. 

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How To Breathe Better And Improve Your Life

Breathing is one of the most basic things that we do that we pay the least attention to and also end up doing it very wrong. Breathing properly is not just about staying alive. Better breath helps us to sleep better, fight anxiety and exercise better. Here are a few tips on how to adjust your breathing to better handle different situations. 1. When you’re stressed When things are not going so well for you, you unconsciously take shallow and quick breaths. The best way to stop anxiety is to slow down your breathing. Take about five breaths per minute. Breathe gently and naturally without forcing air out or overfilling your lungs. 2. When you’re in pain When you’re experiencing...

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